How much work is done by raising a 117 pound box vertically 18.0 inches?

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Usually a 10 lb mass is supposed to have weight =10 lbs. Pound is thus a unit of weight. The corresponding mass unit is abbreviated as lbm.

Following this convention, the force needed to raise the box is equal to its weight w. This force acts parallel to the displacement of the box where, s=h.

Hence, Work done W=F*s=w*h

=117 lb * 18 inches

=117 lb * (18/12) ft

=175.5 ft-lb.

Therefore, work is done by raising a 117 pound box vertically by 18.0 inches is 175.5 ft-lbs.

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Work is determined by multiplying a force by the distance it acts upon an object: W= F(d)

Weight is the force on an object due to gravity. Weight here is 117 lbs. So, F= 117 lbs.

The distance is 18 in or 1.5 ft.

To find the work we multiply force by distance: 117 lbs (1.5 ft) = 175.5 lbs `* ` ft.

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