How much time passes during the action of the play, from the opening of act I to the final curtain? What events that occurred before the first act may be considered causes for the present action? What events that take place during the present are reported rather than dramatized on the stage?

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The time period during which the play takes place is approximately three days, or three + plays if we wish to be more exact. It begins on Christmas Eve and concludes the day after Christmas, the 26th, late in the evening or early the following day. Christmas day itself is in the middle of the time-sequence, but the stage action presented to us is on both sides of Christmas, so to speak, the day before and the day after.

The main element of the backstory, the previously occurring action that has triggered the conflicts of the play, is that of Nora's having forged her father's signature on a loan application, which she made unknown to her husband, Torvald, in order to obtain money for his medical treatment. Krogstad , the unsavory person who loaned her the money, plans to use this as leverage with Nora to induce her to swing some influence with Torvald, who is manager of the bank...

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