How much of a surprise is it to find what Boo Radleyis really like to find at the end of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout the novel, Jem and Scout have proven to be extraordinarily wise and resourceful for their young ages, and their expectations of Boo prove accurate in the end. Although the possibility of running into Boo on a dark night was a frightening thought to the pair early in the story, their primary goal throughout the rest of the novel was to coax Boo into the open so they could meet him. The gifts he had left for the children had softened their attitude toward Boo, and his other acts of kindness--putting a blanket across Scout's shoulders on the night of the fire and mending Jem's pants when he ripped them on the fence--had provided them with enough knowledge to trust risking a meeting with Boo. Therefore, when Boo came to Jem's rescue during the attack by Bob Ewell, it is no surprise to Scout. When she meets him at last, she is not surprised by his pale appearance or his shyness. She has found in the mysterious Boo a protector of the family, and she happily takes the hand of her new friend.

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