How much strontium bromide is needed to add to chlorine gas to produce 75 liters of bromine gas?

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First write out a balanced chemical equation:

SrBr2 + Cl2 -->  SrCl2  + Br2

This tells you that one mole of SrBr2 will produce one mole of Br2 gas.

Now one mole of gas at STP is equal to 22.4 liters.

75 L/22.4 L/mole = 3.34 moles of Br2 produced.

So you need 3.34 moles of SrBr2.

Molar mass of SrBr2 = 247.42

So you need 3.34 moles * 247.42 g/mole = 828.86 g of SrBr2, assuming 100% conversion rate.