How much potassium chloride has to be dissolved in water to produce 2.0 liters of a 2.45M solution? Please explain the steps. Thank you. 

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2.45M Potassium Chloride (KCl) means we have 2.45 moles of KCl in 1L of solution.

Amount of moles in 2L of 2.45M KCl `= 2.45xx2 = 4.9 `

Molar mass of KCl = 74.55g/mol

mass = molar mass*moles

Mass of 2L of 2.45M KCl `= 4.9xx74.55g = 365.295g`

So we need 365.295g of KCl to produce the 2.45M KCl solution.

We need to get an accurate scale that can read to 1mg accuracy and measure 365.295g of KCl solid and dissolve it in 2L of water to get the required 2.45M solution.

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