How much pebbles should I put in a Two and half gallon tank for a school project in class? In my environmental class we doing a project and I have to create a freshwater marine ecosystem that is selfsustaining. I have a typical fishbowl shape and it is 2 1/2 gallons. I need plants to grow in it and have fish as well (and or snail, worms and so on). How much pebbles should I put in the botton and how much water should fill the tank.

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If you are building a sustainable freshwater marine ecosystem you have to be sure that all of the components needed are present. Talking about the amount of pebbles needed in your project is important since it will play a big role in the ecosystem. You have to be sure that your pebbles are enough to hold the plants so that they won't get destroyed as fishes and other organisms move. In this connection, pebbles plays a great role as breeding grounds for marine reproduction so you have to be sure that you have a good pebbles (clean, not so smooth and not so small). About the content of the water, it should not be so full that the fishes can jump and can get away in your aquarium. And again, please be sure that the water is clean. 

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