The Rocking-Horse Winner Questions and Answers
by D. H. Lawrence

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How much money does Paul win on his first visit to the horse race?

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After speaking to Bassett about Paul gambling on horses, Uncle Oscar asks Paul himself about betting on horse races and Paul confirms that he does indeed gamble on them with the help of Bassett. Paul then mentions that he used the ten-shilling note Uncle Oscar gave him to win his first horse race. Uncle Oscar then proceeds to ask Paul for a tip regarding the upcoming races at the Lincoln and Paul insists that Daffodil will win the race. Uncle Oscar scoffs at Paul's prediction and believes that Mirza will win the race. When Uncle Oscar asks him how much he will bet on Daffodil, Paul responds by saying that he will place three hundred pounds on the horse. Uncle Oscar also offers to put five pounds on Daffodil for Paul.

Uncle Oscar then takes Paul to his first live horse race at the Lincoln and Daffodil ends up coming in first place. Paul ends up winning twelve hundred pounds from his three hundred pound bet on Daffodil with Bassett and speculates that he now has fifteen hundred pounds. Paul also won twenty pounds from Uncle Oscar's bet. Overall, Paul wins 1,220 pounds total on his first visit to the horse races.

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