Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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How much money did Nick make in Frindle?

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Nick started making money when Bud Lawrence chose to manufacture ballpoint pens with "frindle" imprinted on them.  Bud and Nick's dad agreed that Nick should receive 30% of profits from the pens and any other frindle branded product.  The first check Nick received (which was for the initial three week sales of ballpoint frindle pens) was for $2,250.  Nick's dad secretly put the money into a college fund for him.  After that, Nick continued to receive 30% of profits from frindle products, which were sold all over the world.  In chapter thirteen, "Ripples," we learn that the checks Nick received in his trust fund got "bigger and bigger."  By the end of the book, Nick was so incredibly wealthy "that he couldn't even begin to imagine how rich he really was."  Nick was generous with his money.  He sent his parents on a big trip and set up a college fund for his niece.  He also gave Mrs. Granger a beautiful fountain "frindle." 

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