How much money did Holling have for his date with Meryl Lee in Wednesday Wars?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Holling had exactly $3.78 to spend on his date with Meryl Lee.

Since the story takes place during the 1960s, $3.78 would buy a lot more than it would today, but it still was not a lot of money. Holling asks his mother for suggestions as to where he could take Meryl Lee with such a small sum, and she dubiously suggests going to get an ice cream cone. Realizing that Holling wants to do a little more than that, and that anyway, it is February and too cold to eat ice cream anyway, Holling's mother then suggests that he take his date "to Woolworth's for a hamburger and a Coke," and a movie afterwards, but Holling knows that he would be considered a cheapskate if he just took Meryl Lee to the drugstore, and that $3.78 is not enough for both dinner and a movie. Fortunately for Holling, word gets around at school about his predicament, and Mrs. Bigio, the cafeteria cook, offers him two tickets to see Romeo and Juliet at the Festival Theater. The tickets are season tickets, and Mrs. Bigio will not be using them; the theater seats are front and center, just perfect for Holling's date with Meryl Lee.

Holling and Meryl Lee have a wonderful evening, and Holling even takes Meryl Lee to Woolworth's for Cokes afterwards. They have two Cokes each, and Holling still has money left from his original $3.78 ("February").

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