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How much higher level thinking can one see in a teacher's classroom?

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This will be dependent on a variety of circumstances.  I think that one can envision how a classroom that features higher leveled thinking can be constructed.  In my mind, I think that a classroom that spends a great deal of time on higher ordered thinking has to be one that features a great deal of resource material for students to access.  Higher ordered thinking can be seen in how students can be free to pursue different approaches to content, which is why there would be enough resource material in the form of learning centers or classroom libraries in order to appeal to student curiosity and love of learning.  At the same time, I think that the physical structure of the classroom would be one where students are able to move with ease, as higher ordered thinking tasks might involve physical configurations that are not always standard.  Additionally, I think there would be an emphasis on differentiated instruction as the teacher that embraces higher ordered thought is willing to scaffold instruction in manners that allow students to pursue different paths to the the same content end of comprehension.

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