In Homer's Iliad, how much help did the goddesses give to the Greeks and Trojans during this war?

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Aphrodite bribes Paris in order to get the apple by offering him Helen as a reward. She helps him abduct or seduce Helen. In Book 3, she saves Paris by physically interfering in a battle. She generally helps the Trojans.

Artemis: She supports the Trojans.

Athena: Supports the Greeks. She gives good advice to Odysseus on numerous occasions.

Hera supports the Greeks and interferes with Zeus on their behalf, mainly because she is angry that Paris awarded the apple to Aphrodite. At one point she distracts Zeus by seducing him.

Thetis is a demi-goddess and mother of Achilles. She made Achilles invulnerable except for his heel and intervenes on his behalf with Zeus.

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