How much heat is required to melt 100.0 grams of solid water to liquid water if both are at zero degrees Celsius.

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When a substance changes from the solid state to the liquid state there is an increase in enthalpy. The internal energy increases in the case of liquid. While a substance is melting, the temperature remains the same, only the state changes.

The enthalpy of fusion is different for each substance and depends on many conditions like the force of attraction between molecules, molecular mass, etc.

For water the latent heat of fusion is 334 kJ/kg. This means for 1000 g of ice at 0 degree Celsius to convert to 1000 g of water at 0 degree Celsius 334 kJ of energy is required.

To convert 100 g of ice at 0 degree Celsius to 100 g of water at 0 degree Celsius 33.4 kJ of heat is required.

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