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School has changed in many ways over time. In the early history of our country, not everybody went to school.  Girls were far more likely to stay home and learn about taking care of the house than to go to school.  When girls started to attend school, schools were often separate for males and females. Eventually, efforts were made to develop school curriculum and to improve the training of teachers. Horace Mann was a leader in this area. In the 1900s, schools were often separated by race.  That began to change after the courts ruled this was illegal.  Today, technology is really changing the face of education. Learning is becoming more interactive, individualized, and inquiry based.  In more and more schools, students are given computers to use while they are in middle school and high school.  More and more information is being presented electronically, including the giving and grading of assignments.  Finally, education has become much more of a political issue.  There are battles over what should and shouldn’t be taught, how much funding should be given to schools, and how to hire, fire, and pay teachers. The politicizing of education has been a huge change in education over the past 20-30 years.  Education has changed dramatically throughout our history.

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