How much do you like math?I'm not much of a big math fan, but i know that there are a lot of people out there that really enjoy math... what are your thoughts on math?

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ophelious eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It doesn't matter so much if I "like" math or not.  It's kind of like asking if I like gravity.  The laws (if that's what they call) that math represent via equations and such simply are.

Of course, I'm being annoying : )

You're asking more what people think about solving math problems, I suppose.  I don't care for it, myself, in that much of the math a person if forced to learn in school is not practical.  Personally, I don't like solving equations and such that don't have stories behind them.  The solving of general algebra problems is tedious and dull, and most people forget how to do it as soon as they're out of school because such knowledge doesn't get used (and therefore practiced) much.  It's forced on people because being able to solve them proves that the schools are making kids "smarter" because math problems have TRUE/FALSE type answers.  They are easy to grade and compare with other countries and states.  How exactly can you compare the quality of essays across the board?

I'm not math-bashing...without the right people knowing the right math we'd all be in a world of hurt.  I'm just saying that personally, the advanced practice of math is about as fun and useful to me as an acid-based hemorrhoid creme.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am glad to have the math knowledge that I have so that I can function intelligently in my world, but I am not a fan of math for math's sake.  For example, I am glad that I can mentally calculate percentages so that I can give a proper tip to a waiter or determine what kind of deal I am getting on an item I want to purchase.  I am glad to be able to understand how my mortgage works.  I appreciate the value of compounded interest in my investments.  I have, more than once, used my math skills to determine the square footage of a room to determine how much flooring I would need.  But to say that I would ever just work on a random algebra equation???? NEVER!  I am always tell my students there is a reason why I teach English!

pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am the exact converse of #5. I had a hard time with algebra and geometry in high school, but when I got into trigonometry and precalculus, it felt like everything suddenly snapped into place. As a science person, I particularly loved statistics, because it allows me to identify and explore patterns in large amounts of data.

I wouldn't say that I do math for recreational purposes (except for sudoku puzzles), but I like being able to wield math properly to solve problems in physics and chemistry, and in everyday life as well. I see math as a very powerful tool, and having mastery of its use is a good feeling.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I loved math up to a certain point.  It was fun to solve problems in Alg I and in Geometry.  Math is fun at that level because even I could use logic to figure things out.  In my own field, social sciences/history, we don't get to do that as much because the field is more open to opinion and conjecture.

But once I got past Alg II, I was done.  I couldn't grasp the concepts well and so math stopped being fun.

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I really don't like Math! Interestingly, in the UK, when I went to school, Math, or Maths as we call it, is only compulsory up until the age of 16, where you have to take a national exam in it called a GCSE. Once you have done that however you are free to not study any more Maths if you want. It does mean, however, that your Maths skills get very rusty as time goes by and you forget everything.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I hated math as a student. I was adept at arithmetical methods, but never grasped the higher levels of math. My grades weren't good, but I studied harder (and had more homework) in my math classes than any others in order to get a decent grade. My dislike of math was one of the reasons I became an English teacher.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think math appears to certain types of people, the people who like rules and patterns. Some people also like the fact that usually everything balances, and there will be a right answer. It's a puzzle to solve, but once you learn the rules you have the keys to the kingdom.
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While I do not necessary like math (probably because I find it too time-consuming), I can accept the importance of it in everyday life. Therefore, I feel as if math, overall, simply exists as a necessary evil.

thewanderlust878 | Student

I think math is obviously very important to understanding the world around us better. Without math, how would we make change, determine how much we need or something, or calculate percent?

In my opinion I neither really like math nor really hate it. I do it because I have to, but it never really has interested me too much. 

kpinky | Student

I love maths please give me a Euclid's division algorithm do you have another solution for euclids lemma


elekzy | Student

MATH?!!!!!!!!!!!? AH     MATH IS LOVELY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

elekzy | Student

Math, Math, Mth, what a great little difficult simple thing. The way you approach solving a puzzle affects how far you go in figuring it out. Quite tasking atimes but patience and practice are friends you can work with, who will help you through the somewhat difficult questions. Math is very interesting. Its well....I will say SWEET,(although I fail it sometimes).

valie77 | Student

not at all

i think that they should see what a person wants to become in their later life and see if math is nessessairy...

for example i want to become an acctrisse i do not see how math will help me !!!

candygirl194 | Student

I HATE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hedunstan | Student
How much do you like math?

I'm not much of a big math fan, but i know that there are a lot of people out there that really enjoy math... what are your thoughts on math?

im not a big lover of mathmatics and get really bad grades in it

vampress | Student

Im not the bigest fan of Maths but sometimes it's appealing and sometimes it's not. For me it usually depends on the topic... However, once you understand the solution to the question-its almost bliss!

priyasays | Student

Its not that I hate maths but I really haven't discovered the full joy of learning mathematics. My childhood was full of bitter experiences always scoring a 'C' and later I had become worse but it was too late for me to learn from scratch. But I do like geometry and statement problems which has got a life of its own

taylorburton | Student

To get my degree in marketing from Boise State University, I did a fair amount of math. I had to take up to calculus and a bunch of statistics courses. I didn't necessarily like it while I took it but its application in the real world is a lot more interesting. I'm lucky enough to be working with Boise State after graudating and work with math on a day-to-day basis, mostly with statistics and analytics.

I don't like straight up math but I do love how it can be applied in the real world. At Boise State, an engineering club took a vegetable oil powered car to 155 mph, which is a new world record. We all know engineering is like math but louder.

If you're interested in learning more about that world record, check out this program my school runs called Beyond the Blue. The program emphasizes the educational aspects of Boise State. They have a Facebook Page here:

jujubeee714 | Student

MATH is the most feel good, instant gratification, filling subject on earth.  Did you ever experience the stoutness of doing tough a tough math problem then checking it and it's right?  WOW...that is a feeling of true accomplishment.

I expect it is why people who LOVE MATH, REALLY LOVE MATH!

My grandmother was a mathematician.  She was the brains behind a very successful trucking company, and then in later years she volunteered as head of accounting services for THE CLEVELAND CLINIC.  She was a genious with numbers.

Some of that trickled down to me and to my ten yr old son.  He "FEELS" the same excitement when he gets a complex problem right.  The logic in it is like nothing else.

I hope my son continues to feed the love for MATHEMATICS.  It's an applicable skill which you will use your ENTIRE LIFE.


jackiesoreyz | Student

During my early highschool, I always got failing grades in Math. I just discovered that if we follow rules in math on how to solve it,it is just easy. And of course practice makes me perfect. Now I graduated as an Engineer. Make it a habbit to practice and practice for those who want to excel in Math.


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jackiesoreyz | Student

During my early high school, I always got failing grades in math. I just discovered if we follow rules in math on how to solve it, it is just very easy. And of course constant practice makes me perfect. Now I graduated as an Engineer. Practice is the best solution for those who want to excel in math.

tarameso | Student


it is the father of the sciences!!

meganrogers15 | Student

I really like Math!

dextergenuis | Student

i love MATH very much since i was in elementary, i love dealing with numbers and solve problems, although there was one time during  my exam that i get mentally block that i cannot solve even the simplest problem, i was so terrified that day that i was not able to sleep for one night but i still love math. some say math is hard to deal with but all i can say is nothing is hard if you will just love what you are doing...

rosychx | Student

I hate math so much but MATH really  loves me so much, so now i accept the truth that math likes me, at my business course math is always there, and i glad that i passed all subject related to math.



hist | Student


insidershub | Student

I did't like math at all until grade 12 where we had trigonometry. Then I understood all and I could learn it all night so I got an A+. Nowadays at university I see that it was just a quick passion and I hate math. :-)

Maybe I was wrong when I learned it for 4 years? :-/



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danashlery | Student

Though I'm not a really quick solver, I still enjoy mathematics. It was one of my favourite lessons in school. Since I have also studied music, mathematics has helped me there too - melody and harmony can both be analyzed from a mathematical perspective. This has made it easier for me to remember certain rules and principles in music theory. Though I don't solve equations on a daily basis, I notice using this skill in different areas of my life.


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jessica20 | Student

I hate Math suring school eduaction since my public school math teacher is bad in teaching and encouraging students. However it became my favorite subject during graduation and now i'm math tutor in tutorz.

rock-star790 | Student

Math is usually a subject where the interests and opinions of people change according to how the person views it. I used to like math as a kid, but gradually I am lost interest as the course was turning tough, the syllabus to cover in math was very much tiresome and there are many challenges to over come with the course I took and also there are many ways to view the personal interest. If you are a person who likes problem solving and use your critical thinking skills, this would probably be the best subject to choose and succeed in.

jb2307 | Student

I like math very much. I wish I could go more deep in math studies when I was yonger. Unfortunately math is not well taught in school, so the students are bad formed and usually don´t learn how to like math. I think if learning math associated with real events of life can do the students more joyfull about study math.



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kychong7 | Student

I loved math, though sometimes it is very challenging.


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prygurus | Student

I also loved math when I was young but now I think math subject is becoming more difficult. I also got low scores but I will never give up trying to score high.



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I definetely love math! Like it or not, you always find math in your daily life. Without math, the world wont be as what we see now!


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jiksaw213 | Student

I have a feeling that is very hard to describe when i can solve a difficult math exercise, it is something like i did a great thing, or saved the world :)



nhl123 | Student

I love Math but Trig Identies i find challenging only but its fun i love functions

jrryfox | Student

I don't really like MATH.. but it make my mind refreshes and make me think Fast.. just like in the our daily life.. Solving problems on real life is just like solving problems on MATH... looking for different Solutions with trial and error thing.. :)

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nicarus | Student

Math is very important to the society. Every generation should know what math is. Without it we would become uncivilized.



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michelyon | Student

Math is fun at that level because even I could use logic to figure things out.  In my own field, social sciences/history, we don't get to do that as much because the field is more open to opinion [url=]baju batik[/url] and conjecture.

samtheowner | Student

it is shit

opal411 | Student

I used to love maths. i scored really good marks in math in school. i particularly enjoyed solving geometry problems as they required a lot of reasoning and it involved application of the theorems and properties. later in grade 11 and 12, we had calculus. i could never grasp that topic as a result i scored really low in my maths paper. i got 67 out of 100. calculus had  a lot of weightage in the paper and i completely got messed up with the formulas.


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chino123 | Student

I think not everyone likes math, but it is so nessessary, that nobody should ignore it.



I really like math, but not the kind that my teacher teaches.  I like working on my own, so I often study ahead at home, and it gives me a rush of satisfacttion to think that I know things other people don't know.  Math is necessary, even if not appreciated by everyone.

I accept the fact that I dislike math more than I did two years ago, when it was very easy.  It's funny that I like something I do so bad on.  My math average for last term was a 92.  Usually, I get 97's and above, so this came to a big shock to me. I will definitely try to work harder, bit for now, I keep my focus on literature.  Now that I love. The words just fly from my pen.  But math?  It's OK. I don't hate it, I don't love it, so it's somewhere in between.  Definitely, I don't want to be an accountant the way I thought I wanted to be one a couple years back, when I loved math with all my soul.  (Back then, I was the best at it too. Now, I'm not. :)


coleentan | Student

I never like math, well it does not like me either. When I answer mathproblems that are complicated, it is like playing the worlds hardest game. But now I am learning and little by little I am proud to say that I am coping and I am now doing well.

id437522324 | Student

Maths is extremely important, but not very fu in my opinion

ngyunshuen | Student

Maths can be really fun and interesting at times but I get frustrated if I constantly do not understand a concept. That was why I disliked maths in primary school but I am quite okay with the subject now.

culinaryarts | Student

Math is pretty fun and it's nice that it's useful too.

kix18 | Student

I love math, makes me more popular in school 'cause I'm the only girl who passes the exam. haha!


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flying-solo | Student

I love how with maths there is always an equation that you can twist and flip to get the answer. I remember equations thats how my brain works, as soon as i know the process of how to work it out, everything just flows.

meganp0504 | Student

Im not a math geek but im making a b in math... i am a science geek but thats just me math was never my favorite subject cuz im really slow.... but I passed all my taks last year sooo im doing good..... Im graduating next year and I'm happy for that.... But hey college is wat harder

soccerfreak9 | Student

i adore math it is my favorite subject. i find it facinating.


i do too!!!

soukar | Student

i adore math it is my favorite subject. i find it facinating.


soccerfreak9 | Student

I think math is something that can be enjoyable to everybody as far as they know how they should learn it. For me, its the most interesting and easiest to learn if I do it through repeating problem after problem (some people call it the "old fashioned way":P. But others find it easier if to learn if they learn it with games. The best way to make people enjoy math is to NOT force it upon them, but to make them interested in it. Once they are interested in something, math will be so much easier and fun! :D

* i myself enjoy maths very much

cookiee-monster | Student

I used to love math all the way through grade 1 to 8. But when it starts to get hard, love turn into hate, especially after the test I had today. and plus, I believe no one likes math when their math teacher doesn't teach properly.

me123abc9 | Student

I love it because i get to bludge in class. I finish the work, then with 40 minutes to spare, i get to 'sleep' Or, confuse people even more by explaining to them how i did it. Lol, people think my ways are complicated, but they aren't if you understand them. Above all that, Maths is a lifestyle, EVERY job uses maths, so get used to it.

pjdrishtijain | Student

I dont like maths very much but........ yeah I like geometry part the most but i always get confused in algebra part...................

agvickers | Student

basically, math is the best subject in the whole wide world! i LOVE math dearly..its my better half

shweta12patel | Student

I love and enjoy math because of the way its reasoning to solve and i get good grades like  99 out of 100 and at times a 69 out of 100 but still math is used in everyday life somewhere or another

mgoode1944 | Student

As a kid, I didn't like math and it really showed in my grades. The older I got the more frustrating it was to try and comprehend formulas and algebraic expressions. I don't know if it had to do with the teachers or if I just wasn't absorbing it the way other kids were but that was the most difficult subject for me. When I got to college, I took more of an interest in math, but I still had a difficult time with it but my grades were better. Now I love math; I'm not necessarily an expert at it but I don't get frustrated like I used to.

kimoyo | Student

I used to love maths. i scored really good marks in math in school. i particularly enjoyed solving geometry problems as they required a lot of reasoning and it involved application of the theorems and properties. later in grade 11 and 12, we had calculus. i could never grasp that topic as a result i scored really low in my maths paper. i got 67 out of 100. calculus had  a lot of weightage in the paper and i completely got messed up with the formulas.

after i got my marks i got so disappointed, that now i somehow dislike maths. i feel bad about this. but i'm not going to give up. we have a maths paper again in college now with calculus in it. this time i'll learn it properly and take help from enotes.

sudhirjangra | Student

maths means 2+2=4 but

maths is      2*2=4

??????????????????? how

jaxpi | Student