How much did the US export to China, and how much did the US import from China?

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In 2014, the United States imported goods and services from China that were worth $466.75 billion.  In that same year, the US exported goods and services to China that were worth $123.68 billion.  That means that the US ran a trade deficit with China.  A trade deficit occurs when a country imports more than it exports.  The US trade deficit with China in 2014 was $343.08 billion (the numbers do not exactly match up (they are .01 off) because of rounding). 

So far in 2015, the US is running another large trade deficit with China.  Through August of 2015, the US had imported goods and services from China that were worth $311.87 billion and exported $74.57 billion worth of products.  That means that the trade deficit through August 2015 was $237.3 billion.  That comes out to a trade deficit of about $29.67 billion per month.  If trade with China continues at that rate for the rest of the year, the trade deficit will be about $355.4 billion this year.