How much did it cost to attend a performance at the Greek Theatre?

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It is conjectured that admission costs were originally free, but changed once crowds became too large.

As far as scholars and archaeologists can tell, anyone could attend the theatre performances of the ancient Greek people. Scholars contest whether women were among these theatre-goers, although it is well-known that married women were considered to be citizens who shared in their husband's citizenship to a strictly limited extent. Local officials were usually in attendance, sitting in the front rows.

The cost of a visit to the theater would have been around two obols, which was equivalent to an unskilled laborer's wages for a day. If a male citizen of Athens was unable to pay for the theatre ticket, he might have been able to apply for a special ticket, furnished by a general fund for men who belonged to their local "deme," or district, where it was necessary for citizens to register their citizenship on the citizen-list.


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