How is Mr. Utterson different from what he seems at first sight?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "The Strange Case of Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Mr. Utterson is a lawyer and Dr. Jekyll's friend.  He appears to be quite dull who likes to spend his time in solitary thought.  He is not very emotional and presents as a neutral figure.  He makes a statement that he is comfortable letting his brother go the devil's way if that is what he chooses.  His friends are usually blue bloods like him.  He seldom smiles.


The lawyer begins to change over his curiosity over the will written by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Each one had left each other his money.  It was so confusing to the man that he began to step out of his shell and investigate.  He became so curious about the need to Mr. Hyde that he could not let it go.


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