How does Mr. Oakhurst know Tom Simson?

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In "The Outcasts of Poker Flat," Mr. John Oakhurst and Tom Simson met while gambling before meeting again on the trail.

After Mr. Oakhurst and the others are kicked out of Poker Flat, they head to a new settlement. On the way, they come across Tom Simson, whose nickname is "The Innocent of Sandy Bar." He seems to be a nice young man who almost got more involved in gambling.

Mr. Oakhurst and Tom met across a gambling table. Mr. Oakhurst won $40 from Tom, which was the entire amount the young man owned. After things were done, Mr. Oakhurst returned Tom's money to the young man and told him not to gamble again. He told him that he wasn't a good gambler.

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Years before the story takes place, John Oakhurst, a professional gambler, had met Tom Stimson while comprehensively beating him in a game of poker. Oakhurst is an expert card player, and he made a small fortune off Tom, who is not nicknamed "The Innocent" for nothing. But Oakhurst took pity on Tom and gave him the money back while advising him not to play poker again, as he is clearly a bad player. For this reason, Tom is rather in awe of Oakhurst, believing him to be a truly great man. As a result, he is rather pleased when he and his young lover, Piney Woods, stumble across the legendary gambler along with the other outcasts. They are on their way to a camp over the mountains and have decided—against Oakhurst's wishes—to rest a while before resuming their journey.

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