How is Mr. Jones portrayed in the first chapter of Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the first chapter of Animal Farm, Mr. Jones is portrayed in a very negative light. He is depicted as a drunk who is more interested in alcohol than tending to his farm. He is so drunk in the first paragraph that he forgets to shut the "pop-holes" when he is putting the hens away for the night.

In addition, Mr. Jones is also portrayed as a greedy, money-oriented man. In his speech, for example, Old Major talks about all of the animals who have gone to market to bring in money for Mr. Jones. Similarly, Old Major also refers to the "knackers," a place where animals like Boxer are sent when they are too old to work. Again, the purpose of the knackers is to create profit for Mr. Jones.

Finally, Jones is portrayed as cruel and ruthless. Old Major says that he drowns older dogs in the pond and, in the final paragraph of this chapter, Jones breaks up this important meeting by firing his gun in the darkness.

These portrayals are significant because they act as an inspiration for the impending rebellion.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr Jones, as a human, in "Animal Farm" is portrayed by Old Major as typical, the root problem of their troubles.  According to the old boar, humans only consume, stealing from them all;  it is the animals who produce but the humans feed them little. Mr. Jones is also cruel in other ways; Old Major predicts that once the old horse, Boxer, the hardest worker on the farm, is no longer productive, Mr. Jones will get rid of him. The meeting of the animals who plan revolt breaks up when the drunken Mr. Jones hears them singing the song "Beasts of England" that Old Major remembers from his youth and he fires off his shotgun.  

sumer-t | Student

During the incipient stages of the book, Jones first came in inebriated and kind of depressed. It seemed as if he lost somehing and drank in order to resolve his problems. He seemed nefarious, almost like a dictator. He also did not treat his animals to well and only cared about how much money they made for the farm. 

cockadoo69 | Student

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