How does Mother feel about Father's promotion in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

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Bruno came home one day to find the maid packing up his things.  He asked his mother what was happening, and her frustration was evident.  Mother explained to Bruno that his father had received an important promotion.  She seemed pleased with the importance of the new position for her husband.  The family would have to move away to where Father's new job was to be.  Bruno's mother framed the move in a positive away, emphasizing how the family would be together in their new home.  It was still evident that she did not want to leave her beautiful, large house in Berlin.  Mother did hope that the family would not face the dangers of air raids when they left the big city.  Later, Bruno overheard his parents speaking loudly to one another.  It was implied in the story that they were arguing over the move.

When they arrived at their new home, Bruno expressed to Mother that he thought the move was a bad idea.  Her response revealed more of her feelings about her husband's promotion and the subsequent move:

"We don't have the luxury of thinking... Some people make all the decisions for us" (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Chapter II).

She also told Bruno that he should "make the best of a bad situation."  When Bruno suggested they go back to Berlin, Mother snapped at him.  It became clear by her reaction that she was opposed to leaving Berlin for her husband's promotion.

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