How does the mood of "Introduction to Poetry" change beginning in line 12? What do you make of the shift from "them" to "they"?

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Starting with line 12 and lasting to the end of the poem, the mood becomes much darker, more somber, and more unpleasant.

In the first twelves lines, the poem is light and playful as the speaker apparently describes how he encourages his students to interact with a poem. (It is important to note that he never states he is the teacher and they are the students; however, whether or not they are his students in a formal classroom setting, they are his "students" in the sense that he is trying to teach them something about poetry.)

In the first part of the poem, the speaker urges the students to be experimental, sensory, creative, and interactive with a poem, to approach it in new ways so as to "feel" it. He wants them to treat a...

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