In "Fahrenheit 451" how is Montag going to try and escape?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

He goes to Faber's house, and Faber helps out quite a bit.  He tells Montag to head for the river and try to find the tracks; he's heard of people, "old Harvard degrees on the tracks" that are outcasts and have gathered together.  He suggests Montag try to find those people then meet up with him in St. Louis.  Then, there is the problem of the Mechanical Hound, whose sense of smell will track Montag right to Faber's house.  So, Montag tells Faber to

"burn the spread of this bed that I touched.  Burn the chair in the living room...wipe down the furniture with alcohol, wipe the doorknobs...turn the air conditioning on full in all the rooms...turn on your lawn sprinklers as he as they'll go and hose off the sidewalks."

All of this is to try to kill Montag's scent, and keep Faber safe from the hound.   Montag then runs for it.  It's not a very elegant plan, but he doesn't have much time to plan, so he does the best that he can with the time that he has.

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