How does the monster help the DeLacey family in Frankenstein?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the creature observes the family's sadness, wondering at the cause of it, he discovers that their emotional hardship is, in part, directly related to their financial hardship.  They live in poverty, though it does not seem so to him because they have each other's company, having only the vegetables from their garden and the milk produced by their one cow.  At this point, he stops taking food from their stores for his own subsistence and begins to feed himself with nuts and berries from the woods.  Further, he realizes that Felix spends a large part of his day collecting firewood for the family, and the creature begins to borrow Felix's tools to prepare wood for them, often enough to last them for several days at a time.  He then happily observes that Felix is able to use his time to do other jobs that need done: repairing the cottage, working in the garden, and so on.

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