How is the  Hero's Journey/Quest evident throughout "The Body" by Stephen King?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The archetype of the heroic quest or journey is a significant part of the novella.  On one hand, the quest changes the hero.  In this, the boys are changed by their journey to find the body of Ray Bower.  How they view one another, themselves, and the town of Castle Rock fundamentally changes from this journey.  The realization of self is another example evident of the journey.  Gordon realizes more about himself and how he perceives reality out of his journey and the discussions that take place as a part of it.  The journey is a harrowing one.  The boys experience this in the different adventures and adversaries that they encounter on their journey.  Finally, I think that the heroic quest or journey is actually more important than the end destination.  There is a development or maturation that comes about as a result of the journey and the experiences borne on it that dwarf, to an extent, the end destination of that said journey.  This happens to the boys, for whom the journey revealed more and represented more than the actual discovery of the lifeless body of Ray Bower.

gurified | Student

Basically, the push into the New World where the New Self comes into being. Research Kal Bashir and his excellent hero's journey work and you'll see it.