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In the short story The Necklace, how does mme. Loisel's approach to having to pay back the money used to purchase another necklace differ from her earlier behavior?

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Mathilde Loisel's actions greatly differ from the beginning to the end of the story.

In the beginning, she complains about living in poverty, even though she has a beautiful home, food on her table, and a servant. She leads a relaxed lifestyle, and never has to cook or clean. She feels she has married beneath her and blames her artist parents for this.

After they buy the necklace, her life has changed dramatically. They are forced to give up their home and get a small place. She has to do her own laundry, cooking and cleaning, and this ages her. When she runs into her friend, she looks so much older that her friend doesn't even recognize her, possibly mistaking her for a homeless person. Age and poverty have taken their toll on her. She even has to work for other people at times, and has to bargain with people at the market over every penny.

And this is just her changes. Her husband is forced to do work harder and take out ridiculous loans just to replace the necklace she lost.

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