Describe the differences between Christianity and the religion of the Igbo community in Things Fall Apart.

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Chinua Achebe elaborates on the differences between Christianity and the traditional Igbo religion in chapter 16. The white missionary begins by explaining that there is only one God and tells the clansmen that their numerous gods are nothing but stone and wood. The missionary refers to the clansmen as heathens because they worship false gods and tells them that if they begin worshiping the one true God, they will live forever in his glorious kingdom. In contrast, the Igbo villagers are polytheistic and believe in the power of their ancestral spirits. The missionary also attempts to elaborate on the Holy Trinity, which consists of God the father, the son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. This concept initially confuses the villagers, who wonder whether God has a wife.

Achebe continues to illustrate the differences and similarities between the two religions in chapter 21 . Akunna attempts to explain that the natives also have a supreme deity named Chukwu, and the various objects they...

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