How are Miss Emily's house and its neighborhood similar and different?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miss Emily's house stands in the center of town.  It used to be a beautiful home that was a pillar of the town; however, it has become run down and an eyesore in the town.  In Miss Emily's younger years, it represented the Old South and the town was in congruence with this.  Later in the story, though, Miss Emily lets the home deteriorate badly. Modernization is occurring around the home, but the home remains the same, so the home is stagnant and unchanging while the town and its people are changing and adapting.  Miss Emily is also very similar to her home.  She, too, deteriorates over time, just as her house does!  She becomes portly, pale, and wrinkled. She becomes even more reclusive and eventually never leaves her house. 

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