How is Miss Edmunds different from the other teachers at Lark Creek?

Expert Answers

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Like Leslie, Miss Edmunds is pretty much a fish out of water at Lark Creek Elementary. She's one of life's free spirits, a kind of latter-day hippy with a relaxed view of life who likes to do her own thing. Such an attitude immediately sets her apart from the other teachers at school, who distrust Miss Edmunds for her stubborn refusal to conform.

Leslie, on the other hand, sees a kindred spirit in his remarkable woman. For Miss Edmunds, in her capacity as music teacher, caters for Leslie's soul rather than just her intellect as the other teachers do. As well as being a very bright child, Leslie's also highly imaginative, and Miss Edmunds has the unique ability to kindle her imagination, opening up whole new worlds that transcend the limitations of life in this relatively isolated rural community.

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