How is Miss Brill a round character?

Expert Answers
kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miss Brill is a round character (who is a character that is developed and who has distinct character traits) because we are able to gather much about her through the narrator of the story.  We are able to see into the mind of Miss Brill.  This is called omniscience.  The narrator uses a stream of consciousness style, which means we are exposed to a stream of thoughts as they seemingly occur.  They are almost unfiltered, we could say.  Through this type of narration, we are able to see many facets of Miss Brill, which makes her a round character:

 "Miss Brill" is told in a third-person, stream-of-consciousness narrative, a common device in Mansfield's works which serves to heighten the story's psychological acuity and perceptive characterization. Though the narrative is third person, the stream-of-consciousness technique allows the reader full access to Miss Brill's thoughts, but nothing more than Miss Brill's thoughts.