How might you involve children in learning geometric concepts? Which geometric concept do you think will be most difficult for children to learn and why?

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There are a ton of ways to get children involved in learning geometric concepts.  There are lots of hands-on activities, such as Geoboards, constructions with compass/protractor, measuring angles and sides that can be used.  There are also a ton of interactive websites such as activities with Geometery's Sketchpad that can be used.  These activities allow children to experiment and do hands' on activities which can lead them to "discover" Geometric principles.  The more abstract the concept, the harder for children to grasp.  Why does Pi never end?  Why is it called "Pi"?  What do we use it for?  The concept of a neverending number and a relationship is just very difficult for even adults to grasp.  For instance, understanding the Pythagorean Theorem and why it works would be very difficult for children.  The basic concepts of parallel lines, shapes, etc. could be easily grasped by even young children.

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