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How might you introduce and explain portfolios to students at 4-6 grade level and how can they be used as guides to instruction? how might youintroduce and explain portfolios to students at 4- 6 grade level and how they can be used as guides to instruction and as informal or summative assessments?

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This is a great question. I have created a little portfolio for my son starting from second grade. We call it a special person box. In light of this, it is more than possible to explain the concept of a portfolio to students in 4th-6th grades. Moreover, there can be an educational aspect. Here are some points that you might want to mention.

First, you can say that a portfolio is a box, book, or some thing where they place their best work to show to others. So, these students can keep a record of the work that they are most proud of to show others and even to remind themselves how much they have grown over the year or years. This self-evaluation can be an excellent pedagogical tool to encourage them.

Second, if you want to introduce the idea of categories, then you can say that you will create a portfolio of various areas. For example, they can have a portfolio for art, which will be different than a portfolio for English. You can teach them about organization and categories through this.

Third, you can finally emphasize that this portfolio is to show others what you are capable of. It is sort of a glorified show and tell.

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