How might you improve your preparedness to one day assume an international position? Explain.

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Many businesses have overseas offices and these are often coveted jobs, especially for those who like to travel. In order to prepare for the job, one must know the role of the business and how it operates. Knowledge of the business and even ideas on ways it can improve can help anyone rise in a company either at home or abroad.

Fluency in different languages is also important. While many business leaders will speak the language of the parent company, there is a good chance that the workers or outside vendors may not be as fluent. Knowing the language of the new office is vital to one's success—not only for the operations of the business but to survive in the new city. Knowing different languages also signals to an employer that one is willing to acquire new skills in order to adapt—another vital attribute with those who wish to work abroad.

One should also be immersed in the culture of the new office. Social customs and holidays are different for each nation. In order to minimize friction in the office, the new employee should be willing to adapt to his/her new country and not expect the new country to adapt to him/her. Not only will this make the office a more pleasant place, but it will also provide social and networking opportunities for the worker. This ability to adapt will also help combat homesickness and will make the worker happier and more productive.

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