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How might the term codominant describe the action of genes in an incomplete dominance trait?

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Codominance and incomplete dominance are examples of non-mendelian genetics.  They do not follow the same rules that Gregor Mendel found and set out during his pea plant experiments.  Codominance describes genes that include two dominant traits and a recessive trait.  For example, in flower petals, red is dominant, yellow is dominant and white is recessive.  Therefore, RR = Red petals, Rr= red and white, and rr=white. A heterozygous offspring will have red and white petals, no blending occurs.  Incomplete dominance describes genes that include one dominant trait, one recessive trait and one mixed trait.  Using the same example from above, RR = red petals, Rr=pink petals and rr=white petals.  A heterozygous offspring will have pink petals, which is a mixture of the dominant and recessive traits.

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