How might a SWOT analysis have helped Electronic Arts assess its slippage in the video game market?

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A SWOT Analysis might have helped Electronic Arts (EA) analyze its slippages by identifying the internal weaknesses and external threats and then taking steps to mitigate them. The fact that EA games is experiencing failures to meet certain deadlines means that there is a problem somewhere in the distribution process. Perhaps the weaknesses stems from the financial department and their inability to release launch funds on time. This weakness has to be mitigated by changing the leadership in the financial department or improving the funds allocation process. Alternatively, it could be that the distributors are stalling the distribution of EA games into the market because they have internal problems or for legal reasons. In that case, the management should find a new distributor because the current one is a threat.

Knowledge is power, and a SWOT analysis is a great way for any company to assess its challenges, figure out what it is doing right, and ensure that they remain on the cutting...

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