How might the story And of Clay Are We Created change if it were narrated by Rolfe Carle or Azucena?

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whenever you get a question like this, stop and think about the characteristics of the people. If Azucena told the story, what things could she tell us that the narrator can't? From Azucena's point of view, we could know how Azucena feels being stuck and the pain she feels. We would know how she feels about Rolfe and what they say to each other for the three days. Rolfe Carle changes in this story. For the first time, he's unable to remain objective about the story he's reporting because he becomes involved personally in what Azucena is going through. He grieves for her at the end and through this experience, Rolfe confronts his own pain from the past and begins his healing. Rolfe would fill us in on his past from his perspective, how he feels about Azucena, and how he feels when she dies. We would also know how Rolfe feels after Azucena dies and how he's trying to cope with what happened.