How might social psychology be influenced by cultural factors from one society to another?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social psychology, or the study of interpersonal relationships, is important to see how people interact and what influences that interaction.  As the world shrinks and cultures intermingle, social psychology can't help but be influenced by cultural factors.  For example, in several cultures, looking into someone's eyes when you answer a question  is considered rude.  In the American culture we live in, not looking at someone when you answer is considered rude.  In order to draw any conclusions, the psychologist would need to understand both cultures.  In the Hmong culture, family is paramount and even if one of the family is causing trouble with the law while saying it was another family member, that must be accepted and not contradicted. If the judicial system does not understand, the wrong person may be jailed.  Each culture has its own factors which influence social psychology, and the psychologist or researcher must be aware of how cultural rules can affect results.