How might slavery cause problems in America in the future? 

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Sometimes issues from the past can cause problems in the future. This could be the case with slavery. Because slaves were not educated and often didn’t have specific skills outside of farming, this led to economic issues that may affect the families of former slaves today. Since many former slaves were poor, they often had to go to work just to make ends meet. As a result, many families could not focus on education because they needed to work to provide for the basic things a person needs for living. In some families, going to college to develop more skills wasn’t an option. This has helped hold back the income earning ability of these families. Generally, high school graduates make less than college graduates. Additionally, with slavery, many stereotypical attitudes developed. If these attitudes still exist in some form today, families of former slaves may be viewed negatively, arrested more often, have fewer career opportunities, and may even be killed more often than families that don’t have slavery in their background. As a result, some of the issues we face today may be traced back to the effects from the days of slavery.

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