How might Saki's story differ if it were told from the girl's point of view?"The Open Window" by Saki

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The cleverness, humor, and ironic effect of Saki's story, "The Open Window" would be lost if the narrator were Vera herself.  The reader can well imagine how dull the narration would be in comparison if he/she already knew about the loss of the men in the "treacherous bog."

Of course, in addition to the element of surprise, the irony of Vera's tale would not be as effective if the reader were knowledgeable of it falsity.  Told from the point of view of a third-person narrator, "The Open Window" has its events told from a variety of vantage points, thus providing the reader with the knowledge of what all the characters are doing, thinking, and feeling.  So, for most of the story, the reader follows the narrative from Mr. Nuttel's point of view and is at the mercy of Vera's story.  At the end, however, the reader remains and learns the truth.

Also, Vera's characterization would certainly be lacking in comparison if the story were told from her point of view. For, the revelation of her deviousness at the end of the story is both clever and humorous in Saki's ironic remark, "Romance at short notice was her specialty."