How might a S. W. O. T. analysis have helped the company Electronic Arts assess its slippage in the video-game market?

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Electronic Arts could have benefited from using a SWOT analysis.  A SWOT or Strengths (Internal), Weaknesses (Internal), Opportunities (External), Threats (External) will show what issues or opportunities the company has in their business.  For example, by knowing what the company's strengths are they could have further capitalized on those years of experience.  By examining their weaknesses, they would have uncovered areas that needed improvement such as improvements in graphic design of their games, customer issues with cost of games and endings of games (Mass Effect 3)  Electronic Arts could have seen that they did have Opportunities by changing how they deliver their games (such as via cell phone apps).  Lastly, a threat analysis would have uncovered competitor plans and would have allowed Electronic Arts to improve their product line and not just purchase competitors and gut them.

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