How might Porters Generic Strategies theory help to explain why Electronic Arts lost its leadership in the video-game market to Activision Blizzard?

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Porter detailed his generic strategies as "cost leadership," "differentiation," and "focus." Cost leadership namely involves the removal of all non-essential features to keep prices low. Differentiation is the matter of creating unique products. Finally, focus involves staying relevant in a niche market.

It is widely maintained in the gaming community that EA has failed extraordinarily in all of these endeavors. While many franchises look to EA and see a successful publisher, the very label of EA often raises red flags among gamers who have come to see the company as synonymous with soulless money-grubbing. Most notably, EA fails to meet its customer's expectations in terms of cost leadership and focus.

EA frequently fails in terms of cost-effectiveness. The most glaring example of this is the addition of day-one DLC (downloadable content), or extra content for a game at an additional cost. While many companies engage in releasing DLC, it is considered highly dishonest and greedy to...

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