How might Plato's ideas be relevant today? Do any contemporary issues come to mind?

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Plato's allegory of the cave continues to be relevant. Many people today are voicing their opinions regarding society's need to leave the metaphorical darkness, or cave, of ignorance in order to move toward the light of awareness and truth. The difficult element of this matter, however, is that modern-day truths appear to be debatable, just as the modern definitions of ignorance have also taken on a subjective tone.

For example, most people in the scientific community argue that climate change is a reality, but there is still an outspoken group of people who are missing vital leading steps to accept this truth or "light." As another example, many people argue about when an individual life actually begins—since this question can't really be empirically settled, it is a source of ideological contention between pro-choice and pro-life groups. Additionally, the very concept of empirical truth itself can be complicated by perception.

Though the allegory of the cave does explain an essential...

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