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How might one's faith play a role during the empty nest syndrome transition?

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Empty nest syndrome can have a very powerful impact on a person’s life.  It represents one of the most important changes that will happen to a person.  As with most major transitions, faith can be very important in helping people to deal with this change.

One problem with the onset of empty nest syndrome is that people often come to feel as if they lack a purpose in life.  They have been spending most of the last two decades or more of their lives taking care of their children.  Now, all of a sudden, they do not have this focus and purpose for their lives.  For many people, faith can fill this gap.  It can help to give them a new purpose in their lives.  In addition to this psychological/spiritual function, it can also give them new outlets for action in the physical world.  An empty-nester might become much more involved in church activities.  He or she might start doing charity or volunteer work, for example.

In these ways, faith can help to fill both the emotional void in an empty-nester’s life and the void in terms of what to do all day.

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