How might one know that their strengths as a learner help one as a student? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If one believes the learning style model, one recognizes that its intrinsic value is to empower the student.  The learning style model does this because the student can understand "the code" of learning that presents itself to all learners.  For example, if a student understands that they better comprehend information in an interpersonal manner through visual iconography, then they are able to develop a potential path that will enable them to better understand content and the delivery of said content.  The student is empowered because they understand how they are to understand information in order to demonstrate stronger comprehension of it as well as making learning more valuable and relevant.  The student is empowered because they no longer feel helpless, believing that they are "stupid" or "no good at school."  The learning style model values the individual voice in learning and, in doing so, empowers the student as they possess better means of understanding themselves and content and how both converge upon one another.  It is here where I think that knowledge of one's learning style plays a vitally important role in the empowerment of the student, as it fosters voice and individual differentiation in a process that might have been devoid of it.