How might Mowgli help Akela recover in The Jungle Book?

Expert Answers

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When Akela fights to save Mowgli’s life in the novel “The Jungle Book,” he eventually perished from his wounds, despite successfully protecting Mowgli and driving off the pack of wild dogs, or dholes. Mowgli sits with him, resting the wolf’s head in his arms as he perishes. Mowgli could, however, have taken action to potentially save him.

While it is unlikely that Akela would have survived his injuries, Mowgli has come to know some humans and human knowledge. He could have tended to the wolf’s wounds, potentially using leaves and herbs from the forest to create bandages or salves to calm the pain and encourage healing. Additionally, he could have, at the bare minimum, run to the nearby village to find help and brought someone with some sort of medical experience to help Akela. Unfortunately, it would have likely taken too long, as Akela was gravely injured. In the end, there probably was not much that could have been done.

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