How might a manager use personality traits to improve employee selection in his department? Emotional intelligence?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there can be many components to this equation.  A manager could develop a questionnaire, complete with situations where emotional and personality traits are evident in answers and judge them with what is being sought and what is given.  This could be the same in an spoken word session.  I think that a manager has to be careful to a certain extent.  I am not certain that the workplace is made better if everyone has the same level of emotional intelligent quotient.  Emotional frames of reference are so complex and so intricate that it is important to allow as many emotional frames of reference as possible.  The situations that will confront managers and organizations are equally varied and complex, ensuring that a wide range of emotional sensitivities are needed in order to fully address and account for what is present.  Managers that limit their searches to only one emotional response might not be best suited for what lies ahead.  Employing qualified employees who as a unit feature a wide variety of emotional responses might be best suited for all that lies ahead for any organization or business.