How might Jim Crow laws affect society in the future?

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Jim Crow laws could have an impact on our society in the future.  The main idea with this statement deals with attitudes.  The Jim Crow laws were part of a larger system of discrimination, prejudice, and racism that existed in our country, especially in the South. These laws basically made segregation legal.  Because the concepts of racial discrimination and racial superiority deal with attitudes and belief systems, in order to completely rid the country of these ideas, attitudes and belief systems must change.  Changing attitudes and belief systems is a very difficult thing to do.  It can take a generation or two (or longer) for real attitude change to occur. Thus, it is possible that Jim Crow laws could resurface again in our country.  These laws may include characteristics beside racial factors. Laws could be developed that discriminate based on sexual orientation and religion.  In some way, that debate is taking place in our society now. It is possible for Jim Crow laws to reappear in some form.