How might international society be structured to achieve order- Jean Jacques Rousseau.the view of jean jacques rousseau on how would international society be structured to achieve order.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For Rousseau, international orders, like national orders, have to develop and cultivate the healthy form of self love and mitigate its destructive counterpart.  The nurturing of amour propre, the proper love of self, and the reduction of amour de soi, the unhealthy love of self, must be the guiding principle of national and international orders.  Both must work in tandem with one another.  If nations are gripped by amour de soi, an unhealthy love of self where one does not see themselves through their own eyes but through the eyes of others, then international antagonisms will present themselves.  The notion of sacrificing individuality through a general will, where all surrender their amour de soi in order to achieve a greater amount of amour propre, might be an organizing principle that Rousseau would advocate.  Remember his initial belief that "man is born free, but lives in chains."  His notion of the general will might be an approach to minimize this condition in human beings and could guide international society.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rousseau believed that people were had fallen from their state of nature (which was pretty perfect) into a state similar to Hobbes's idea of the war of each against all.  Then they formed governments to end this anarchy and force all people to live together in peace.

Rousseau thought that the only way for countries to get along would be to do the same sort of thing.  He thought that there needed to be some sort of higher government that could tell the countries what to do (like the UN but with real power).  He didn't think this was very likely, but he thought that was the only logical way that international society could be structured to assure peace.