How might the increase in available medical technology have a negative effect on communication among providers?

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The recent and rapid increase in available medical technology, especially with regards to information sharing, has already had a profound effect in doctors and hospitals maintaining updated and accurate medical records for their patients.

However, some medical professionals are already leaning on the electronic sharing of data as opposed to the human contact with other doctors and nurses that was more common before such technology came into play.  This can be a negative aspect of the advances in that medicine is a complex and nuanced field, and electronic records sometimes offer an incomplete picture and assessment of a patient's overall health.

Another drawback to this new technology in terms of doctor to doctor communication is that any shared database like this is complex by nature, and more prone to errors.  What's more, doctors are running a practice and making a living, and may be more reluctant to share information online that may in the end make it easier for doctors to take their patients.