How might Frankenstein's rejection of his creature impact the creature in Frankenstein?

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The answer to this question is key to what Shelley is saying to us about the creature in Frankenstein. Often thought of as a monster, it is in fact the creature's humanity that causes him to react to his "father's" rejection in much the same way that any of us would react to a similar rejection from our parents. The creature doesn't understand why Frankenstein would have created him, only to cast him out and consign him to an existence wherein he is aware of his own hideousness but also aware of the warmth of a fire and the beauty of a moon. It is an existence in which he feels human inside but knows he will never be treated as human by others. It fills him with anguish that even his own creator does not love him and is not capable of loving him.

It is for this reason that the creature fixates on the idea of Victor creating a bride for him. His deepest desire is not to be alone, and that drives everything he does, including his urge to seek revenge upon his creator. Victor does not fulfill...

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