Give An Example Of How Environmental Science Might Involve Geology And Chemistry

How might environmental science involve geology and physics?

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Environmental science requires the ability to synthesize information from all of the major fields of science, as well as from mathematics.

Geology is important because large-scale land processes create topography. The existence of mountains and valleys affects how much sunlight and precipitation reach the ground, how windy a location is, how precipitation runs off, and many other factors that determine what plants and animals will be able to inhabit a region. Topsoil is created from the weathering of bedrock, and the mineral content of the bedrock is a major factor determining certain aspects of the soil, again playing a part in what plants can colonize an area. Local geologic activity such as earthquakes, subsidence, and erosion can all affect the environment.

Physics,which is the study of energy and motion, is fundamental to all other sciences. Energy flow is a basic principle of environmental science; it describes how energy and materials are cycled through an ecosystem according to the laws of thermodynamics.



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